Venture Capital meets Disability Inclusion

Ally Inclusion Investment Fund (AIIF) is a first of its kind venture capital fund focused on disability inclusion in Asia and Africa.


At 1.3 billion Persons with Disabilities are our world’s largest minority and a deeply underserved and growing consumer set.

This exclusion ignores an annual disposable income of more than USD 1.2 trillion controlled by Persons with Disabilities and their families and friends and the opportunity to build environments that are accessible and inclusive for all users.


Ally Venture Capital has been founded by entrepreneurs that have an outstanding track record in early stage impact investing and disability inclusion.

We are looking to partner with outstanding entrepreneurs for building businesses with disability inclusion that focus on serving persons with disabilities in Asia and Africa irrespective of where they are based.

We bring risk capital for early stage businesses and assist entrepreneurs that want to build businesses to serve a very large number of persons with disabilities as consumers.